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Comprehesive Health Evaluation

At Vida Family Medicine, we believe that true wellness is a result of understanding and addressing the full spectrum of factors impacting your health. Our Comprehensive Medical Evaluation takes a holistic approach that delves into the genetic, environmental, and psychological facets influencing your well-being.

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Comprehensive Health Evaluation


Genetic Insight for Personalized Care

Understanding your genetic makeup is essential in tailoring a healthcare plan that works uniquely for you. Our evaluation includes a detailed review of family history to give insight into your genetic risk factors. Genetic testing may also be recommended in specific circumstances. This analysis helps uncover predispositions, allowing us to craft a plan that optimizes your genetic potential for improved health and vitality.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Your environment plays a significant role in your overall well-being. Our evaluation takes into account your living conditions, workplace, nutrition, movement, rest, and lifestyle choices to identify potential sources of stressors that may be affecting your health. This allows us to provide practical recommendations for creating a nurturing environment that supports your journey to wellness.

Trauma-Informed Care

We recognize that trauma can have a profound impact on your health. Our evaluation is sensitive to your trauma history, ensuring that we approach your care with empathy and a deep understanding of your unique needs. This trauma-informed approach sets the foundation for a healing journey that prioritizes your mental and emotional well-being.

Psychological Assessment and Support

Mental health is inseparable from physical health. Our evaluation takes into account how psychological symptoms and stressors may be contributing to your health concerns. We are dedicated to providing the support and resources you need to achieve balance and resilience in both your mental and physical well-being. We can provide medical management of many common mental health conditions and will work together with your existing mental healthcare team or provide referrals if necessary.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Individuals in Eating Disorder Recovery: Our Comprehensive Health Evaluation offers a compassionate and comprehensive approach for those who have gone through eating disorder treatment but need ongoing support addressing both physical and emotional aspects of healing. We can help navigate the challenges of medical complications of eating disorders as you move on from treatment and recovery. 

  • Individuals with PCOS and/or Metabolic Syndrome: Our evaluation provides a personalized plan that integrates behavioral and medical treatments, ensuring a holistic approach to managing these complex conditions. We are sensitive to the impact that the weight loss industry can have on individuals struggling to manage these conditions and practice from a Health at Every Size® approach to help you optimize your health while avoiding the harms of disordered eating and exercise behaviors.

  • Individuals who have experienced barriers to healthcare access: Many individuals avoid accessing medical care due to lack of insurance coverage, prior negative experiences with bias or stigma in healthcare settings, or difficulty navigating the healthcare system for any number of reasons. We strive to provide care in a welcoming and inclusive environment under a transparent pricing model that does not require insurance.

  • Individuals who want an in-depth look at their current state of health: Many patients are frustrated by the limited time spent with their physician at corporate, insurance-based practices. These visits are often limited in what can be covered due to insurance company restrictions and offer little time to ask questions or learn more about what proactive steps the patient can take to improve their long-term health. The Comprehensive Health Evaluation provides an opportunity for this deeper evaluation and discussion. This evaluation can also be used to provide a statement of health that may be needed for entry to various programs. 

How it works

Your Comprehensive Health Evaluation will take place over two visits. The first visit will take place in our office and will include a comprehensive review of your symptoms, medical history, family history, psychological history, and lifestyle as well as a complete physical exam. If you have any past medical records to share, please bring them with you to this appointment or email them to us prior to your appointment at so that we can review them as well. Lab work and any other necessary tests will be ordered during this visit. We will then schedule a follow-up visit to review the results of these tests and create your personalized plan. This visit can be completed in person or virtually if medically appropriate. The cost of this follow-up visit is included in your Comprehensive Medical Evaluation. If future follow-up visits are needed, these will be billed at the time of each follow-up visit. 

Please note that our office does not contract with any insurance companies or bill insurance companies for services. A Superbill will be provided upon request if you wish to file with your insurance plan for reimbursement of your visit cost. Insurance can still be used for any lab work or other tests that are ordered. It is the responsibility of the patient to understand their insurance coverage and benefits. We offer discounted lab pricing through our lab partners so that lab work can be completed affordably if it is not covered by insurance or if a patient is uninsured or has a high-deductible insurance plan. 

Ready to schedule?

Embark on your journey to optimal health with our Comprehensive Health Evaluation. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards a life of vitality, balance, and well-being.


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