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Why Promoting Employee Health Matters

As a business owner, yourself and your team are your most valuable assets. This is especially true for solo entrepreneurs- without you your business does not run! However, many small business owners and entrepreneurs are working so hard on their business that they neglect their health.

Keeping yourself and your employees happy and healthy will help your business be more successful in the long run. Here are some ways that promoting a healthy workplace will help your business:

  1. Improved productivity: Employees who are suffering from physical or mental symptoms are unable to focus on their work tasks. They may be in pain or lack energy that can affect their motivation and focus if they are suffering from health issues that are not addressed or controlled. These symptoms can also affect their interactions with customers- they may appear less helpful or engaged with providing the customer the experience they expect. Happy, healthy employees can focus on the task at hand, provide an excellent customer experience, and propel your business forward.

  2. Reduced absenteeism: Employees with uncontrolled health issues are more likely to experience symptoms that require them to take time off of work. If they are neglecting these symptoms until the point that they require urgent medical attention, the problem is likely to be more severe or even require hospitalization, and will require more time off and additional expenses to fully address, or in some cases cause permanent disability. Allowing employees the time and resources they need to take a preventive approach to their health may require a few hours off here and there, but it will keep them healthy and productive for much longer.

  3. Improved recruitment and retention: Employees want to work where they feel they are a valued part of a team. Showing your employees that you care about their wellbeing within and outside the workplace will help you attract the best talent and keep them loyal to your company, reducing turnover and helping you develop an efficient and effective team.

At Vida Family Medicine, we understand the challenges that solopreneurs and small business owners face in running a successful business while keeping themselves and their team well. We love to work with self-employed individuals and small businesses owners to provide access to high-quality healthcare that fits a lean start-up budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your business.

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