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Affordable Ways to Promote a Healthy Workplace

Happy and healthy employees are more productive and more likely to remain loyal to their company. It benefits the business as a whole to promote a workplace culture that keeps team members well. Many small business owners and even solopreneurs struggle with providing health benefits to themselves and their employees due to cost. However, there are many cost-effective options that can promote a healthy team without breaking the bank!

  1. Make time for breaks: Employers are required to provide break and lunch time to their employees, but not all employees take them! Breaks (whether short breaks during the work day or vacation days off) are vital for rest and recovery, and your employees will come back more refreshed and productive. Some employees may need to use their break time to take medications or for other specific medical needs. Encouraging your employees to take their breaks lets them know that you care about them and their wellbeing, and they will feel motivated to work hard when they return. Business owners and solopreneurs are some of the worst at taking breaks themselves- take the time you need! It is impossible to be creative and thrive as a business owner without having some mental space and time to relax.

  2. Get moving: Sitting all day at a desk, spending large amounts of time looking at screens, and frequent repetitive movements such as typing can all cause work-related overuse injuries and have impact on overall health. Make sure you and your employees are working in ergonomic work stations and have the ability to freely change position when needed. Encourage short walks, a few yoga poses, or other quick exercises during breaks. You can get creative with workplace challenges to keep everyone motivated to move!

  3. Invest in health benefits: Providing your employees with health benefits greatly improves retention and shows that you are invested in them and their health. Many small businesses choose not to provide health insurance as traditionally available plans can be expensive. However, there are many other cost-effective options to show your employees you care. Fringe benefits such as gym memberships, healthy meal delivery, or even something as simple as wholesome snacks with a water station in the office can go a long way to making employees feel that their health is valued. A direct primary care membership is an affordable way to provide your employees with access to their personal physician that can manage 80-90% of their healthcare needs. These memberships can be paired with less costly catastrophic coverage plans or even be built into a self-funded plan that will drastically decrease costs to the business while offering superior benefits to employees.

At Vida Family Medicine, we understand the challenges of running a small business. We love to help business owners take great care of their employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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